Doctor Who Challenge day 3 & 4

Doctor Who challenge day 3: Least Favorite Companion?

This one is pretty easy (if you only think of the new part, after 2005.) I actually don’t like Clara at all. I liked her in “Assylum of The Daleks”, but after that… nah. And that’s all i got to say.



Doctor Who challenge day 4: Favorite Villian?

I belive about 99% of every taker of this challenge answers the same on this question. The Daleks! I’ve heard alot of people that was with Doctor Who from the beginning in 1963 say that they thought that the Daleks was scary when they were kids. I thought they were cute when I was 5. 🙂 But i like them because they’re funny, and, I mean, they are The Daleks! You have to love them!


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